About Us

The Massimiliano Paolini Clothing online shopping experience is the brainchild of Massimiliano Paolini, a benchmark for apparel in north Rome and beyond....

abbigliamento massimiliano paolini

Massimiliano Paolini has been an icon in Rome since 1989 for anyone passionate about fashion, clothing, style and elegance. His own passion coupled with his tailoring expertise enabled him to turn making tailor-made clothing into an art form, capable of satisfying even the most demanding and particular of customers.

The selection of the finest fabrics, consistent wearability and a refined personal taste have made the Massimiliano Paolini name well-known to all lovers of high-end apparel in the Ponte Milvio area and throughout northern Rome. Now, through this online shopping environment, his tasteful stylish and elegant fashions are available throughout Italy, always ready to surprise and delight.